Amazon Pitches Astro Robot as Security Guard for Businesses

Amazon has launched Astro for Business, a service that leverages the Astro robot as a roving security guard in stores to detect break-ins and other threats. The customizable security solution aims to reduce blind spots and protect business inventory in spaces of up to 5000 square feet, offering flexible camera viewpoints powered by the Astro robot.

This innovative offering provides peace of mind to owners of small and medium-sized businesses, enhancing security and surveillance capabilities. The Astro for Business service is exclusively available in the U.S. and comes at a price point of $2,349.99. Amazon’s Astro household robot, initially introduced in September 2021, has been elusive, available in limited quantities and on an invite-only basis.

The Astro robot, equipped with a 42-inch periscope camera, can navigate the store environment to provide intelligent motion and visibility on blind spots, offering business owners enhanced protection for their inventory and property, even in their absence. Additionally, Amazon is offering a suite of security products in tandem with Astro for Business, such as Ring Protect Pro, further bolstering the security capabilities for businesses.

Amazon’s focus on Astro for business security marks a shift from its initial launch last year as an assistance robot for household tasks. Repositioning it as an intelligent, autonomous guard leverages its monitoring abilities for commercial needs. The use of robots for security complements human personnel and gives businesses 24/7 visibility on physical risks across multiple locations. Astro’s patrol route and frequency can be customized through the Astro app.

The introduction of Astro for Business marks a significant advancement in utilizing robotics for business security, reflecting Amazon’s commitment to providing innovative solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. This offering underscores the potential for robotics to enhance security and surveillance in commercial settings, catering to the evolving needs of business owners for comprehensive and customizable security solutions.