Amazon Unveils New AI-Powered Alexa and Smart Home Products

Amazon’s annual Devices and Services event unveiled new hardware and software with generative artificial intelligence features, including a more human-like Alexa voice and smarter smart home products. Here are some key points to consider about the event:

  • New Alexa features: The new Alexa will have a more human-like voice and will be able to showcase a range of emotions to match yours based on the context of your conversation. Alexa will also be able to make more conversational requests, such as making lights “look spooky” or saying “there’s a mess in here.”
  • Smarter smart home products: Amazon previewed ways it’s using AI to better operate smart homes. With upcoming Alexa updates, users will be able to make more conversational requests, such as asking the voice assistant to make their lights “look spooky” or say, “Alexa, there’s a mess in here,” prompting a response from Alexa.
  • New hardware: Amazon unveiled new hardware, including the Echo Hub, Echo Frames, Eero, and Fire TV.

In addition to the new Alexa features, Amazon also debuted new hardware at its 2023 event. One of the most notable new hardware products is the updated Echo Show 8 smart speaker. The new Echo Show 8 has a larger and sharper display, as well as a new design that is more compact and stylish. The new Echo Show 8 also has improved audio quality, making it a great choice for listening to music or watching videos.

The Amazon 2023 event was a success. Amazon announced a number of new and innovative Alexa features, as well as new hardware products. The new Alexa features are designed to make Alexa more natural and engaging to use, while the new hardware products are designed to provide users with a better overall experience.