Amazon’s AI Tailors Online Clothes Shopping

Amazon is leveraging AI technology to help customers find clothing that fits when shopping online, addressing the ongoing challenge of online apparel returns. The company is using large language models, generative AI, and machine learning to power four AI-powered features that assist customers in finding the right size and fit.

Key features include:

  • Personalized size recommendations: Amazon Fashion developed a deep learning algorithm that considers sizing relationships between brands and their size systems to help customers find their best-fitting size across various styles.
  • Fit Insights Tool for sellers: This tool provides sellers with an understanding of a customer’s fit needs, allowing them to improve how they communicate sizing to customers.
  • AI-powered highlights from fit reviews left by other customers: Amazon uses AI to extract and aggregate customer feedback on fit, style, and fabric, contextualizing returns and size chart analyses with customer reviews.
  • Reimagined size charts: Amazon’s AI-based recommendations extract product data such as style, color, price, size, rate of return, and customer reviews across its product catalog to recommend other individually selected styles.

These AI-driven features aim to reduce returns and improve customer satisfaction in Amazon’s fashion division. The average return rate for clothing ordered online is 24.4%, which is eight percentage points higher than the overall online return rate.

With these AI-powered tools, Amazon is revolutionizing online clothes shopping, making it a more personalized, efficient, and enjoyable experience for everyone. So ditch the tape measure and embrace the future of fashion – where your perfect fit is just a click away.