Birthday App is Here to Save Your Friendships

Earlier this year, I resolved to stop installing new mobile apps. If it doesn’t fit on my single screen of icons (or in my utilities folder), it’s not going on my phone. That makes a new mobile app install rarified air: you really have to blow me away or make me want to uninstall another app to make room. I share that to say this: Birthday App is one of those apps that you absolutely must install.

The app I uninstalled to make room was Facebook. Ever heard of it? The former social media king had one single purpose on my phone, to remind me when my friends and family had a birthday coming up. But having an entire social network (and all of the advertising collection components) on your phone for that single reason is total overkill.

Enter Birthday App, which serves one single purpose: to make you a better friend by helping you remember their birthdays.

And if you’re reading that and thinking that you already have this covered with your well-built calendar, think again: Birthday App doesn’t force you to remember anyone’s birthday or know them to begin with. The magic of Birthday App is they already know all of your friend’s birthdays. You don’t have to do anything or ask them to do anything. It just works.

Once you register and birthdays are found, they are neatly organized into a calendar view so you can easily see who is celebrating their special day each day.

In addition to helping you remember birthdays, the Birthday App also allows you to build digital birthday cards and buy special, unique digital gifts for your friends. The cards and gifts are designed to be personalized and thoughtful, so you can show your friends how much you care on their special day.

The app is easy to use – I cannot stress enough how refreshing it is to see a simple app that doesn’t try to do too much. The well-defined scope of features make it a valuable tool for anyone who wants to stay connected with their loved ones.

The Birthday App is free to download and use, and it is available on both iOS and Android devices.