Bluesky Surpasses 2 Million Users and Plans Public Web Interface Launch

Bluesky, an invitation-only social media app, has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing 2 million users within a year of its launch. The app, which initially opened to users around February, has experienced rapid growth, marking a pivotal moment in its journey to become a truly open social network.

The company is now gearing up to introduce public web access, a move that will expand its accessibility beyond the current requirement of a Bluesky account to read posts. This strategic expansion is expected to further fuel the app’s growth and reach, making it more widely available to users across different platforms.

The rapid rise in user numbers for Bluesky underscores the growing demand for alternative social media platforms that prioritize openness and inclusivity. As the company continues to evolve and expand its user base, it is poised to make a significant impact in the social media landscape, offering a fresh approach to online interaction and content sharing.

Bluesky’s upcoming public web interface launch is anticipated to be a game-changer, enabling a broader audience to engage with the platform’s content and community. This move aligns with the company’s commitment to fostering an open and accessible social network, setting the stage for continued growth and innovation in the social media space.

The achievement of 2 million users and the forthcoming public web interface launch mark a pivotal moment for Bluesky, signaling its emergence as a formidable player in the social media arena. With its commitment to openness and inclusivity, Bluesky is poised to redefine the social media landscape and provide users with a fresh and engaging platform for online interaction.