Bluesky Unveils Enhanced Moderation Tools to Foster a Safer Social Media Experience

Bluesky, the startup aiming to build a decentralized social network to take on Twitter/X, has announced the deployment of new safety tooling to help moderate content on the network through automation. The company has introduced “more advanced automated tooling” designed to flag content that violates its Community Guidelines, which can then be reviewed by Bluesky’s moderation team to make a final determination.

In addition, the company has added user lists and moderation lists, as well as the ability to sync users’ moderation preferences between devices and remove adult content labels from posts that don’t contain images. The goal of Bluesky is to turn social media into a shared public commons, with a focus on communities owning and governing themselves.

The company’s approach to moderation takes into consideration how social spaces are formed and shaped through communities. Bluesky has kept its app invite-only and prioritized user safety from the start, and is now working on finishing moderation before the last pieces of open federation. The company’s approach to moderation allows for an ecosystem of third-party providers, with a basic default and many possibilities for custom filters available on top.

Bluesky’s new features include the ability to control who can respond to your posts, such as limiting replies to only people you follow or users on a certain list. The company is also developing an open labeling system for moderation contributed to by both developers and users, allowing for innovation, transparency, and agency in this critical piece of social networking infrastructure where technical and social systems collide.

Bluesky’s introduction of automated moderation tools and user/moderation lists represents a significant step forward in enhancing user safety and content moderation on its decentralized social network. The company’s focus on community ownership and governance, as well as its open approach to moderation, sets it apart in the social media landscape. With these new features, Bluesky is poised to provide a more secure and customizable social networking experience for its users.