BMW Introduces Level 3 Self-Driving System, ‘Personal Pilot,’ Following Mercedes-Benz

BMW has announced the launch of its Level 3 automated driving system, named “Personal Pilot L3,” which will be available for select BMW 7 Series cars in Germany. Priced at 6,000 euros, the system is set to debut next spring, positioning BMW alongside Mercedes-Benz in the race to offer advanced self-driving technology.

The “Personal Pilot L3” system is designed to provide near-autonomous driving capabilities, allowing owners of select BMW 7 Series cars to experience a higher level of automation. While Level 3 automation may require the driver to take over in certain scenarios, BMW’s system is equipped with 5G connectivity, precise GPS positioning, cameras, ultrasonic sensors, radars, and a 3D lidar sensor to enhance its capabilities.

BMW’s move to introduce Level 3 autonomous driving capabilities reflects the company’s commitment to advancing self-driving technology. The system’s launch marks a significant milestone in the development of autonomous driving features, positioning BMW as a key player in the evolving landscape of self-driving vehicles.

The introduction of the “Personal Pilot L3” system by BMW represents a significant advancement in the field of autonomous driving technology. With the system set to be available for select BMW 7 Series cars in Germany, BMW is poised to compete with other automakers in the development and deployment of advanced self-driving capabilities.

BMW’s entry into the Level 3 self-driving technology race, following Mercedes-Benz, underscores the growing competition and innovation in the autonomous driving sector. The introduction of the “Personal Pilot L3” system reflects BMW’s commitment to offering cutting-edge technology and enhancing the driving experience for its customers.