California Budget Plan Boosts Funding For BART, Muni, And Transit Systems

The California state budget plan for 2023-2024 includes $1.2 billion in funding for BART and Muni. This is a significant increase from the previous budget, which provided $800 million for both agencies.

The additional funding will be used to improve service, expand service hours, and purchase new vehicles. BART plans to use the money to add more trains to its fleet, extend service to new areas, and make repairs to its aging infrastructure. Muni plans to use the money to add more buses, improve its bus fleet, and make safety improvements.

The funding is a welcome relief for BART and Muni, which have been struggling to make ends meet. The agencies have been forced to cut service and raise fares in recent years. The additional funding will help them to restore service and make much-needed improvements.

The funding is also a victory for advocates for public transportation. They have been lobbying for increased funding for years. The additional funding is a sign that the state is finally taking public transportation seriously.

The increased funding for BART and Muni is a good thing for the Bay Area. It will help to improve service, make the system more reliable, and make it easier for people to get around. This will benefit everyone who lives, works, and visits the Bay Area.

In addition to the funding for BART and Muni, the state budget plan also includes $1 billion for other transportation projects, such as Caltrain, the Capitol Corridor, and the High-Speed Rail project. This is a significant investment in transportation infrastructure, and it will help to improve transportation options for people across the state.