Discord Launches Family Center Feature to Help Parents Keep Teens Safe

Discord, the popular chat platform, is taking a significant step towards enhancing online safety for teens with the introduction of opt-in parental controls. This new feature aims to empower parents and guardians by providing them with tools to monitor and protect their teens’ online experiences. With the increasing concerns surrounding online safety, Discord’s initiative is a welcome development.

The Family Center opt-in tool is designed to make it easy for parents and guardians to learn more about who their teens are interacting with on Discord. By opting in, parents can access valuable information and insights into their teens’ activities, including the ability to view their friends list, chat history, and server participation. This level of transparency allows parents to have a better understanding of their teens’ online interactions and identify any potential risks or concerns.

To ensure the effectiveness of the opt-in parental controls, both the parent’s and the child’s account must opt in. This requirement ensures that both parties are actively involved in creating a safer online environment. By enabling this feature, parents can actively participate in their teens’ digital lives while still respecting their privacy.

Discord’s commitment to online safety doesn’t stop at parental controls. The platform has also taken steps to address other safety concerns. Discord recently announced the banning of AI-generated child sex abuse material and teen dating servers, further demonstrating their dedication to creating a secure and positive online community.

While Discord’s opt-in parental controls are a significant step forward, it’s important for parents to remain vigilant and have open conversations with their teens about online safety. Education and communication are key in ensuring that teens understand the potential risks and how to navigate the digital world responsibly.