Elon Musk-led Twitter Cracks Down on Dissent, Suspends Tesla Critic

Twitter has suspended the account of Aaron Greenspan, the founder of PlainSite, an online database that makes state and federal court filings and other public records available to users for free. Greenspan is a prominent critic of Tesla and Elon Musk, and his account was suspended on Tuesday afternoon.

The suspension of Greenspan’s account has raised concerns about Twitter’s commitment to free speech. Musk has promised to make Twitter a more open and free platform, but Greenspan’s suspension suggests that the company may be cracking down on dissent.

Greenspan has been tracking litigation by and against Tesla for years. He has used PlainSite to document Tesla’s legal problems, including lawsuits alleging racial discrimination, safety violations, and fraud. Greenspan’s work has been critical of Tesla and Musk, and it has drawn the ire of the company’s supporters.

It is unclear why Twitter suspended Greenspan’s account. The company has not provided a reason for the suspension, and Greenspan has not been able to contact Twitter to appeal the decision.

The suspension of Greenspan’s account is a setback for free speech on Twitter. It is also a reminder that Musk’s promises of a more open platform may not be enough to protect critics from censorship.

In addition to Greenspan, Twitter has also suspended the accounts of several other Tesla critics in recent weeks. This suggests that the company is taking a more aggressive approach to moderating content that is critical of Tesla and Musk.

It remains to be seen whether Twitter will continue to suspend the accounts of Tesla critics. However, the company’s actions so far suggest that it is willing to silence dissent, even on a platform that Musk has promised will be a bastion of free speech.