EOSC, San Francisco Bay Area’s Only Marine Research Center, Fights for Survival

The Estuary and Ocean Science Center (EOSC), the only marine research facility in the San Francisco Bay Area, is in danger of closing due to lack of funding. The EOSC is located in Tiburon, California and is operated by San Francisco State University (SFSU).

The EOSC provides important research on the bay’s ecosystem, including water quality, climate change, and marine life. The center also provides educational opportunities for students and the public.

If the EOSC closes, it will be a major loss for the San Francisco Bay Area. The center provides critical research and educational opportunities that will be difficult to replace.

Students and staff at the EOSC are working to save the center. They are writing letters to legislators, seeking donations, and organizing fundraising events. They are also working to raise awareness of the center’s importance.

The EOSC is a valuable asset to the San Francisco Bay Area. It provides important research and educational opportunities. If the center closes, it will be a major loss for the region.

You can help save the EOSC by donating to the center’s GoFundMe page or by contacting your legislators and asking them to support the center. Together, we can ensure that the EOSC continues to provide important research and educational opportunities for the San Francisco Bay Area.