Facebook and Instagram Block News in Canada Following Passage of New Bill

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, will block news content on its platforms in Canada after the country passed a law requiring social media platforms to pay news outlets to share their stories. The Online News Act is part of a package of measures by the Canadian government to rein in American tech giants.

The move follows similar actions taken by Meta in Australia and threatened in California. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has accused the tech giants of employing “bullying tactics” and said that “the fact that these internet giants would rather cut off Canadians’ access to local news than pay their fair share is a real problem.

Meta leaders said in a statement that “content from news outlets, including news publishers and broadcasters, will no longer be available to people accessing our platforms in Canada.” The move is expected to affect the ability of Canadians to share news content on Facebook and Instagram. The law requires Google and Meta to pay media outlets for news, and Meta has called the law “fundamentally flawed legislation that ignores the realities of how our platforms work.

The move has been criticized by some who argue that it will limit access to news for Canadians. However, others argue that it is necessary to ensure that news outlets are fairly compensated for their work. The law expands the territory where big tech companies are required to pay for news content, and it is expected to have implications for other countries as well.