Facebook Introduces New Link History Feature for Enhanced Tracking

Facebook has introduced a new Link History feature that allows the platform to track and store the websites you visit through the mobile app. The feature, which is currently available for a limited number of Android and iPhone users, is designed to keep track of all the links you’ve clicked on while using the app. When enabled, any links you’ve tapped inside of the app and visited in the app’s Mobile Browser will be saved for 30 days.

The Link History feature is intended to help users access their previously clicked on links on a single page. However, it also allows the platform to track your activity on sites you visit through the app, including what you’re clicking on and how you’re behaving. This data can be used to improve ads across the platform’s technologies, as it is shared with third-party companies for targeted advertising purposes.

To turn off the Link History feature, follow these steps:

  1. Select any link within the app to launch the app’s Mobile Browser.
  2. Tap the three dots (more actions) in the bottom right, then tap Go to Settings.
  3. To turn link history on, tap the slider to on (blue) next to Allow link history, then tap Allow to confirm.
  4. To turn link history off, tap the slider to off (grey) next to Allow link history.

While the Link History feature offers some benefits to users, it also raises concerns about privacy and data security. By turning off the feature, you can maintain more control over your online activity and protect your data from being used for targeted advertising purposes.

Facebook’s Link History feature is a noteworthy addition that brings a new level of organization and transparency to the platform. Users can now track their link interactions effortlessly, contributing to a more personalized and controlled digital experience. As social media platforms continue to prioritize user empowerment, features like Link History demonstrate a commitment to enhancing the overall user journey on Facebook.