Floworks AI Assistant Revolutionizes Worker-Software Interaction

Floworks is a San Francisco and Bangalore-based startup that is building an AI assistant to revolutionize how workers interact with software. The core of their product is an AI assistant that can interact with various software tools commonly used by knowledge workers, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, or Salesforce, to complete mundane enterprise tasks using plain natural language. The focus is on using AI to enhance the worker experience, rather than replace employees.

Each action triggers an approval, and if the bot needs additional information or clarification, it will request it as part of a conversation in Slack, as Floworks takes on the role of helpful assistant. They are also aiming to add support for Microsoft Teams in the future. Floworks differentiates itself by allowing interoperability across multiple applications, which separates them from larger companies focused on their own product families.

Floworks currently has 11 employees and is fostering seamless task management and uninhibited teamwork endorsing collaboration. They understand the pulse of modern sales – the need for enhanced productivity, and their platform is designed to enhance the worker experience.

Floworks is building an AI assistant that interacts with various software tools used by knowledge workers, enhancing their experience and allowing them to complete mundane tasks. Their focus is on using AI to enhance the worker experience, rather than replace employees.

Floworks is still in its early stages, but the company has already raised a $1.5 million seed round. The company is currently focused on building out its AI assistant and expanding its team.