GM Electric Vehicle Owners Can Now Use Tesla Charging Stations in Bay Area

General Motors and Tesla announced a new partnership on Thursday that will give GM electric vehicle owners access to Tesla’s extensive charging network in the Bay Area. The agreement, which goes into effect early next year, will give GM owners access to about 12,000 Tesla chargers in the region. This includes both Superchargers, which can charge a vehicle to 80% in about 15 minutes, and Destination Chargers, which are typically slower but more convenient for overnight charging.

The agreement is a major win for GM, which has been criticized for its slow rollout of charging infrastructure. The company has said it plans to have 2,700 public charging stations in place by the end of 2023, but that still falls short of Tesla’s network of over 25,000 chargers worldwide.

The agreement is also a sign that Tesla is open to working with other automakers to expand the reach of its charging network. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has long said that he wants to make Tesla’s charging technology an open standard, and this agreement is a step in that direction.

The agreement is good news for Bay Area drivers who own electric vehicles. It will give them more options for charging their cars, which will make it easier to switch to an electric vehicle. The Bay Area is one of the most popular markets for electric vehicles in the United States, and the partnership between GM and Tesla will help to make electric vehicles more accessible to residents and visitors to the region.

In addition to the agreement with Tesla, GM is also investing in its own charging infrastructure. The company has said it plans to spend $2 billion on charging infrastructure over the next five years. This includes the construction of new fast-charging stations and the installation of chargers at GM dealerships and other locations.

GM’s investment in charging infrastructure is a sign of the company’s commitment to electric vehicles. The company is betting that electric vehicles will become the mainstream form of transportation in the coming years. By investing in charging infrastructure, GM is helping to make that future a reality.