Google Introduces New Search Feature to Aid Users During Reddit Blackouts

Google executives are acknowledging that users are unhappy with the search experience after the recent Reddit blackouts. With over 8,000 subreddits going dark to protest Reddit’s upcoming API changes, many users are finding it difficult to find useful information in their Google search results. The popular Google hack of adding “reddit” to a search query for better results is no longer working due to the blackout.

Prabhakar Raghavan, Google’s head of search, has admitted that users are “not quite happy” with the search experience. In response, Google is working on a new search feature to improve user experience during the Reddit blackouts. While the details of the new feature are not yet known, it is hoped that it will help users find the information they need despite the blackout.

The Reddit blackout was caused by moderators locking subs to cause a “blackout” on Reddit in protest of new policy changes. The changes require small-time third-party app makers to pay hefty fees to utilize Reddit’s API in order for their apps to function. Reddit CEO Steve Huffman has said that the change is necessary to make Reddit profitable. However, the blackout has fueled further outrage among protest organizers, who accuse Reddit of trying to remove moderators.

In the meantime, users are turning to alternative search methods such as Bard and ChatGPT. These AI-powered search tools offer an alternative to traditional search engines and may be able to provide users with the information they need during the Reddit blackout.

Overall, the Reddit blackout has highlighted the importance of search engines in our daily lives and the need for reliable and accurate search results. While Google is working on a new search feature to improve user experience, alternative search methods such as Bard and ChatGPT may also be worth exploring.