Google Messages Updates: RCS Now Default, Group Chats Encrypted

Google has announced a major update to its Messages app, making RCS (Rich Communication Services) the default messaging protocol and encrypting group chats. These updates are a big step forward for Messages, making it a more secure and feature-rich messaging app for everyone.

RCS is a newer messaging protocol that offers a number of advantages over SMS, such as the ability to send and receive high-quality photos and videos, read receipts, typing indicators, and group chats with up to 200 people. Until now, RCS has been rolling out to Messages users slowly, but with this update, it will be the default messaging protocol for everyone. This means that all Messages users will be able to enjoy the benefits of RCS, regardless of their carrier or device.

The encryption of group chats is another important update to Messages. This will help to protect the privacy of users’ conversations, as they will no longer be able to be read by third parties, such as telecom providers or hackers. This is a major step forward for privacy in messaging, and it is a welcome addition to Messages.

In addition to these two major updates, Google has also made a number of other changes to Messages, such as:

  • A new design that makes it easier to find and use features
  • The ability to send and receive stickers
  • Improved search functionality
  • A new way to block contacts

These updates are a major step forward for Messages, and they make it a more secure and feature-rich messaging app. If you haven’t tried Messages yet, I encourage you to give it a try. It’s a great messaging app that just got even better.