Google Refreshes Android Logo with 3D Elements

Google is updating the Android logo with playful 3D elements that “better represent” its community. The new logo features a 3D version of the Android robot head, which is now more expressive and has a more rounded appearance. The wordmark also has a new, more modern font.

The updated logo is part of a broader effort by Google to refresh the Android brand. The company says that the new logo is “more expressive, playful, and inclusive” and that it “better reflects the creativity and diversity of the Android community.”

The new logo will start to appear in Google’s marketing materials and on Android devices in the coming months.

Here are some of the key changes to the new Android logo:

  • The Android robot head is now 3D and has a more expressive appearance.
  • The wordmark has a new, more modern font.
  • The colors are brighter and more vibrant.
  • The overall design is more playful and inclusive.

Google says that the new logo is a reflection of the “creativity and diversity” of the Android community. The company hopes that the new logo will help to “better connect” with users and “inspire them to create.”

The updated Android logo is the first major change to the logo since 2019. The previous logo was a flat, two-dimensional design. The new logo is a more modern and playful design that is better suited for the current generation of Android devices.