Google’s New Mountain View Headquarters: A Sustainable and Innovative Workplace

Google has received unanimous approval from the Mountain View City Council for its North Bayshore Master Plan, the largest development project in the city’s history. The plan covers 153 acres in the area north of Highway 101 along Shoreline Boulevard.

The project, led by Google in partnership with LendLease, will create a mixed-use neighborhood with 7,000 units, including 15% affordable housing, and more than 3 million square feet of office space. It will also include 26 acres of public parks, 525 hotel rooms, a new school, and new streets. The development will be done in eight phases, with housing as well as parks in the first phase.

The project has many longtime residents both excited and worried. Some residents are concerned about the traffic that the project will bring, while others are excited about the new jobs and housing that will be created. “Together, we’ve created a way to transform an existing car-centric, suburban office park into a vibrant neighborhood with parks, restaurants, services, jobs and much-needed housing,” said Michael Tymoff, Google’s director of district development for Mountain View.

Google’s North Bayshore Master Plan has been in the works for at least a decade, and the company submitted official plans for the new neighborhood in 2021. The project passed unanimously by the council is designed to be “car light,” with mass transit and nearby homes.