LinkedIn Launches Premium Service Enhanced by AI Features for Job Seekers

LinkedIn has launched a new Premium experience that includes personalization and interaction features, powered by AI. The new features build on the existing Premium-exclusive features on LinkedIn, including AI-powered profile writing assistance, Top Choice jobs signals, and more. The new features include:

  • Job seeker coach: The job seeker coach is a personalized AI-powered tool that provides users with insights into their job search, such as whether a job is a good fit, how to position themselves for the role, and how to prepare for interviews.
  • AI feed summarization: The AI feed summarization feature analyzes posts from a user’s feed, including articles and commentary, and presents the key information in one click. This helps users to stay informed about the latest industry news and trends without having to read every single post.
  • Personalized insights: The personalized insights feature provides users with data-driven insights into their career, such as their most in-demand skills, the companies that are hiring for those skills, and the salaries that they can expect to earn.

LinkedIn believes that the new AI-infused Premium experience will help users to be more successful in their job search and career development. The new features are designed to save users time and effort, and to provide them with the insights and support that they need to achieve their goals.

Benefits of the new AI-infused Premium experience:

  • Find jobs faster and more easily with the job seeker coach
  • Stay informed about the latest industry news and trends with AI feed summarization
  • Gain insights into your career and the job market with personalized insights

The new AI-infused Premium experience is a significant upgrade for LinkedIn Premium users. The new features are designed to help users find jobs faster and more easily, stay informed about the latest industry news and trends, and gain insights into their career and the job market.