London Breed Earns Highest Salary Among California Mayors: Report

San Francisco Mayor London Breed is the highest-paid mayor in California, according to a new report. Breed earned $444,000 in compensation last year, which includes her salary and benefits. The report, which was released by the California State Controller’s Office, shows that Breed’s compensation is significantly higher than that of other mayors in the state.

The second-highest-paid mayor in California is San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, who earned $260,000 in compensation last year. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti earned $248,000, while San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer earned $235,000. The lowest-paid mayor in the state is the mayor of Wheatland, who earned just $1,200 in compensation last year.

The report also shows that the average compensation for California mayors is $36,000. However, this number is skewed by the high salaries of mayors in larger cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. In fact, the report shows that mayors in cities with populations of less than 10,000 earn an average of just $4,000 in compensation.

The report has sparked some controversy, with some questioning whether mayors in smaller cities should be paid more. Others argue that the high salaries of mayors in larger cities are necessary to attract top talent.

The report provides a fascinating look at the compensation of California mayors. While some may find the high salaries of mayors in larger cities to be excessive, others argue that these salaries are necessary to attract top talent and ensure that cities are well-run.