More People Are Getting Their News From TikTok

The percentage of TikTok users getting news from the platform has nearly doubled since 2020, according to Pew Research. In 2020, 22% of TikTok users reported getting news from the app, but that surged to 43% in 2023, reflecting a larger cultural shift towards digital platforms for news consumption.

Facebook remains the most popular social media platform for news, with roughly three in 10 U.S. adults getting their news from the site. However, TikTok has shown far more growth than any other platform since 2020, and this growth has been consistent across all age demographics.

The surge in TikTok news consumption is particularly notable among adults aged 18 to 29, with about a third of Americans in this age group reporting regular news consumption on TikTok. This trend contrasts with many other social media sites, where news consumption has either declined or remained stable in recent years.

Both legacy and digital-first publishers are taking notice. They now vie to seed viral TikTok hits that report the news of the day via everything from explainers to eyewitness videos. As more Americans tune in, TikTok’s role in shaping information consumption continues to rapidly evolve.

The share of TikTok users who consume news through the platform has nearly doubled since 2020, indicating a significant shift in news consumption behavior. While TikTok’s popularity among teenagers and young adults is well-established, the platform’s increasing role as a news source for U.S. adults is a noteworthy development.

The surge in news consumption on TikTok reflects a broader trend of digital news consumption, with social media platforms playing an increasingly significant role in shaping the news landscape. Despite concerns about misinformation, TikTok’s influence as a news source continues to grow, highlighting the evolving nature of news consumption in the digital age.