New Smartphone-Controlled Device Offers Migraine Relief

A revolutionary new device controlled by a smartphone app aims to provide rapid relief for migraine headache sufferers. The smartphone-connected device, called Nerivio, recently received FDA clearance for acute treatment of migraines.

The Nerivio works by transmitting electrical signals to the brain via the upper arm. Patients wear the device on their upper arm, and use the connected app to activate electrical waveforms that disrupt pain signals. This non-invasive approach can block migraines before they escalate or offer relief when pain strikes.

In clinical trials, patients using Nerivio experienced significant pain reduction within two hours. Around two-thirds of patients became pain-free within this time frame. The device can be worn for up to 24 hours and reused as needed during migraine attacks.

Andrea Synowiec, DO, a headache doctor at the Neurosciences Institute, explained that “You basically tell your phone you’re having a migraine, you adjust the intensity so that it’s comfortable, and then the migraine treatment is delivered through the device on the arm while you go back to your daily business”

Nerivio offers an appealing alternative to medication, which can have side effects and limited effectiveness for some sufferers. Its smartphone integration provides convenient, personalized treatment. Patients can also share migraine data with their healthcare providers via the app.

The device developer Theranica plans to make Nerivio widely available by prescription in the coming months. It represents a major leap forward in harnessing technology to address the neurological mechanisms behind migraines.

For the millions who endure migraines, Nerivio could provide welcomed relief, especially when attacks strike during work, travel or other activities. As wearable technology advances, more migraine sufferers may finally find gentler, faster solutions to manage this debilitating condition.