Picsart Launches AI-Powered Tools for Easy Content Creation

Picsart, a popular photo and video editing app with over 150 million monthly active users, has launched a new suite of AI-powered tools that let you create videos, backgrounds, GIFs, and more with just a few taps.

The new tools include:

  • AI Video Generator: This tool lets you generate short videos from scratch, using a simple text prompt. For example, you could type in “a cat skateboarding” and the tool would generate a short video of a cat skateboarding.
  • AI Background Generator: This tool lets you generate realistic backgrounds for your photos and videos. For example, you could replace a boring background with a tropical beach or a bustling city scene.
  • AI GIF Generator: This tool lets you generate GIFs from your photos and videos. You can also create GIFs from text prompts.
  • AI Style Transfer: This tool lets you apply the style of one photo or video to another. For example, you could apply the style of a Van Gogh painting to your photo.

The new AI-powered tools are available to all Picsart users, both free and premium. However, free users have limited access to the tools. For example, free users can only generate short videos with the AI Video Generator.

Picsart says that the new AI-powered tools are designed to make it easier for anyone to create creative content, even if they don’t have any experience with video editing or design.

Picsart has launched a suite of AI-powered tools called Picsart Ignite, which includes over 20 tools designed to make it easy for businesses and individuals to create, edit, and enhance their content. The suite includes tools for both image and video editing that address a huge range of use cases, from social media posts and ads to logos.

Picsart’s AI technology uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and understand visual content. The suite is available for free, with additional features and tools available for a monthly or yearly subscription fee.