Proton Mail Launches Dedicated Desktop App with Encrypted Calendar Integration

Proton Mail, the encrypted email service, has unveiled its native desktop app, currently in beta for Windows and MacOS users. This dedicated app eliminates the need for browser and bridge middleware, offering direct end-to-end email encryption and offline access. Additionally, the app integrates Proton Calendar, the company’s encrypted calendar app launched in 2019.

This new integration eliminates the need for users to toggle between multiple applications, providing a streamlined experience that enhances productivity. The desktop calendar seamlessly integrates with the existing ProtonMail interface, allowing users to schedule appointments, set reminders, and manage their day-to-day activities without ever leaving their email environment.

The intuitive design of the desktop calendar mirrors ProtonMail’s user-friendly approach. Users can easily navigate between their emails and calendar, creating a cohesive and efficient workflow. Whether scheduling meetings, setting deadlines, or organizing personal events, the ProtonMail desktop calendar provides a comprehensive solution for users with diverse scheduling needs.

ProtonMail’s commitment to user-centric innovation is evident in this latest release, which aims to simplify the daily lives of its users. The integration of the desktop calendar aligns with the platform’s overarching goal of offering a secure and all-encompassing solution for communication and organization.

As users increasingly seek integrated solutions that streamline their digital experiences, ProtonMail’s move to merge email and desktop calendar functionalities represents a significant leap forward in meeting these evolving demands. By combining the trusted security of ProtonMail with the convenience of a desktop calendar, users can now enjoy enhanced productivity without compromising on privacy.

The new desktop app is initially available to users on the Proton Visionary plan, which is being temporarily offered again until January 3, 2024. It will be rolled out to all users in early 2024. Furthermore, Proton has announced that, like its other apps, the new email clients will be open sourced “in due course”.