Quora’s Poe AI Chatbot Platform Introduces Creator Monetization Program

Quora has launched a new AI chatbot creator tool called Poe that allows creators to build their own intelligent chatbots. The move represents Quora’s first step into the emerging AI creator economy.

Poe aims to help creators engage audiences in personalized conversations, develop loyal followings, and monetize their expertise. The no-code platform enables creators to train chatbots using their own content and data.

Creators can design chatbots to answer questions, recommend relevant content, and deliver interactive experiences. Monetization options will include one-on-one paid messaging.

Quora is positioning Poe as a way for creators to establish authority and connect with followers in more meaningful ways. The company believes intelligent chatbots trained by creators themselves can foster more authentic, trustworthy interactions.

Poe launches at a time when AI chatbots are gaining mainstream consumer traction through apps like ChatGPT. However, there are rising concerns over misinformation and bias in large AI models.

Quora aims to differentiate Poe by empowering individual creators to build customized chatbots that represent their unique expertise and interests. The company claims this “creator-first approach” results in more aligned incentives and transparency.

Early adopters during the closed beta testing phase have built Poe chatbots for psychology counseling, fitness coaching, medical advice, career mentorship and tutoring. Use cases span consumer advice, personalized recommendations and interactive fiction.

Quora plans to court established creators with large followings as well as emerging creators looking to grow their audiences. Monetization options will expand over time. The launch of Poe signals Quora’s push into enabling creators to leverage AI tools and capitalize on the burgeoning creator economy.