Red Rock Island in San Francisco Bay For Sale for $25 Million

Red Rock Island, a 6-acre outcropping, is the last privately owned island in San Francisco Bay, located just south of the Richmond–San Rafael Bridge. The island is uninhabited and is being offered for sale at $25 million. It has a rich history, having been used for mining manganese in the 19th century, which gives it a reddish color.

The island is located at the convergence of three counties—San Francisco, Marin, and Contra Costa. Despite its unique appeal, potential buyers would face challenges in developing the island due to its steep terrain and the need to navigate permitting in multiple jurisdictions.

The island has no water, power, Wi-Fi, or parking, but it presents a rare opportunity for ownership in the San Francisco Bay area. The property has been unofficially for sale over the years, with asking prices ranging from $5 million to $22 million, but this is the first time it is officially being offered on the local multiple listing service. 

The island’s listing agent, Steven Durning, mentioned that developing the island would come with logistical challenges, including the transportation of construction materials and compliance with San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission regulations.

Despite the challenges, the island offers a unique opportunity for potential buyers to own a piece of San Francisco Bay’s history. The island’s steep terrain and the need to comply with various regulations make development a complex endeavor. However, for those seeking a distinctive and exclusive property, Red Rock Island presents a rare chance to own the last private island in San Francisco Bay.