Reddit to Sunset Gold Awards System, Plans Overhaul

Reddit announced today that it will be sunsetting its Gold awards system on September 12, 2023. The company said it is making this change in order to simplify its platform and make it easier for users to find and use the features they care about.

What is the Gold awards system?

The Gold awards system on Reddit allowed users to give special recognition to posts and comments that they found valuable or noteworthy. By purchasing Reddit Gold, users could award it to others as a token of appreciation. Gold awards came with various perks, such as access to exclusive features and a premium membership.

Why is Reddit getting rid of it?

According to Reddit, the decision to sunset the Gold awards system is part of their ongoing efforts to streamline and improve the platform. They want to create a simpler rewards system that is easier to understand and use. By removing the Gold awards system, Reddit aims to provide a more cohesive and intuitive experience for its users.

What will replace the Gold awards system?

While Reddit is discontinuing the Gold awards system, they have assured users that they are actively working on a new rewards system. The details of this new system have not been revealed yet, but Reddit promises that it will be simpler and more user-friendly. They are taking user feedback into account to ensure that the new system meets the needs and expectations of the Reddit community.

What does this mean for Reddit users?

For Reddit users, the discontinuation of the Gold awards system means that they will no longer be able to purchase or give Gold awards. However, any existing Gold awards that have been given will still be honored. Users can still enjoy the benefits and features associated with Gold awards until the system is fully phased out.

Reddit did not provide any specific details about the new rewards system, but said that it will be launched in the coming months. In the meantime, users will still be able to purchase and use Gold awards until September 12, 2023.