Samsung Reveals 2-Nanometer Semiconductor Roadmap to Close Gap with TSMC

Samsung has announced its plans to catch up to TSMC by laying out its 2-nanometer semiconductor roadmap. The company’s second-generation 3 nm-class gate-all-around (3GAP) technology is now set to arrive sometime in 2024, with the 2-nanometer chips set to go into mass production by 2025, and 1.4-nanometer chips by 2027. Samsung Foundry, the world’s second-biggest semiconductor chip manufacturing firm, announced during the Samsung Foundry Forum 2022 event that it would keep improving semiconductor chips to be smaller, faster, and more power-efficient.

Samsung’s roadmap suggests that it will at least match the pace of development of its rival TSMC, which is also set to begin production of 3-nanometer chips later this year. Beyond that date, it hasn’t announced any plans. However, in terms of the most advanced chips that are made using a 5-nanometer or smaller process, TSMC’s share of the market extends to 90%, with Samsung making up the remaining 10% of sales.

Samsung’s roadmap is aggressive, with the company aiming to deliver transistors measuring just 1.4 nanometers across by 2027. The company said that its contract chipmaking business will begin manufacturing 2-nanometer chips by 2025, with the 1.4-nanometer process set to kick off two years later. Samsung began producing 3-nanometer chips in June, becoming the first in the industry to do so.

The lower the process node, the higher a chip’s transistor count since the transistor sizes are smaller. And the higher the transistor count, the more powerful and energy-efficient a chip is. Samsung plans to keep improving its semiconductor chips to be smaller, faster, and more power-efficient. The company’s goal is to develop technology down to 1.4nm and foundry platforms specialized for each application, together with stable supply through consistent investment.