San Francisco Airport Reroutes Flights to Reduce Noise

San Francisco Airport officials are taking steps to address the issue of airplane noise complaints from residents of Palo Alto. In response to the chorus of complaints, the airport is considering implementing new flight routes that would allow aircraft to fly higher and closer to the Bay as they pass the city.

Residents and airport officials are hopeful that this new navigation system will help alleviate the common frustration of airplane noise. For years, Palo Alto has been dealing with the impact of aircraft noise, and this new system is seen as a potential solution.

To ensure that noise complaints are addressed, San Francisco International Airport has a dedicated Aircraft Noise Office. Residents can submit noise reports, providing as many details as possible about the aircraft noise they are experiencing. The airport takes these complaints seriously and values the input of the community.

In addition to the new navigation system, San Francisco Airport has been implementing various initiatives to tackle noise issues. One such initiative is the use of a device that can reduce the sound contour of the A320 aircraft by 2-4 decibels. The airport has also been approved to implement the Ground-Based Augmentation System (GBAS), a new technology that may help reduce aircraft noise over nearby communities.

By leveraging these new technologies and initiatives, San Francisco Airport aims to address the concerns of residents regarding airplane noise. The implementation of new flight routes and the use of advanced navigation systems can potentially minimize the impact of aircraft noise on communities surrounding the airport.