San Francisco’s Moscone Center Loses Two Major Tech Conferences in 2024

Two major tech conferences, Red Hat Summit 2024 and Meta, have cancelled their annual four-day meetings that were scheduled to take place in San Francisco’s Moscone Center in 2024. The cancellation of these events is a significant blow to the tourism industry in San Francisco, which relies heavily on large-scale events to boost its economy.

The two conferences were expected to bring thousands of people to the city and generate millions of dollars in revenue. The decision to cancel the events was reportedly due to concerns over the city’s high crime rate and the rising cost of living.

San Francisco has been grappling with a surge in crime in recent years, with a sharp increase in car break-ins, thefts, and assaults. The city has also been struggling with a housing crisis, which has led to skyrocketing rents and a shortage of affordable housing.

The cancellation of these events is a significant setback for San Francisco’s tourism industry, which has already been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The city has been working hard to attract large-scale events to the Moscone Center, which underwent a $551 million renovation in 2019.

The cancellation of these events underscores the need for San Francisco to address its crime and housing issues if it wants to remain a top destination for large-scale events. The city must work to create a safe and affordable environment that is conducive to business and tourism.