Small Business Podcast Promises to Focus on Grit, Not Glamour

Small Business World Tour 2023 with Andrew Chapin podcast logo

A new small business podcast, aptly titled Small Business World Tour with Andrew Chapin, is set to hit the airwaves this August, aiming to shine a spotlight on local entrepreneurs and their journey of turning passions into successful businesses.

Through a series of weekly interviews, Small Business World Tour will present a comprehensive look at the triumphs and hurdles faced by these entrepreneurs, providing a much-needed contrast to the often glamourized venture capital-backed stories commonly featured in today’s podcast sphere.

Host Andrew Chapin, who has contributed to San Francisco Download, brings a unique vantage point having both “grown up in a small business household” and having a career building venture-backed technology companies in his own career. His most recent venture, Benja, failed in 2020 under the weight of an accounting scandal Chapin was responsible for.

“Small Business World Tour is about shedding light on the inspiring and gritty stories of entrepreneurs who have carved their own American dream,” said Chapin. “It’s important that we also highlight the challenges and mistakes people have made along the way. The mistakes I made and the pain it caused to those around me are some of the hard lessons I know will be valuable to listeners.”

Small Business World Tour, which plans to release its first episode in August, is now accepting nominations of small business owners with compelling stories. Nominations may be send through the form on the Small Business World Tour website.