Snapchat Releases New Safety Measures for Teens

Snapchat is releasing new safety measures for teens, including requiring more mutual friends before a teen can be found by others and making it easier for parents to monitor their teen’s activity. The new features are part of Snapchat’s ongoing efforts to protect its users, especially young people. The company says that it wants to make Snapchat a safe and positive place for teens to connect with their friends and family.

One of the new features is called “Mutual Friends Only.” This feature requires teens to have at least one mutual friend with someone before they can be found by that person. This will make it more difficult for strangers to find teens on the app.

Another new feature is called “Family Center.” This feature gives parents more control over their kids’ Snapchat accounts. Parents can see who their kids are friends with, what they’re posting, and who’s messaging them. They can also block certain people from contacting their kids.

Snapchat is also making it easier for teens to report abuse or harassment. Teens can now report problems directly from the app, and they can also choose to block or report users who are harassing them. Parents should still talk to their kids about online safety, even with the new safety measures in place. It’s important to teach kids about the dangers of online predators and how to stay safe online.

The new safety measures are a welcome addition to Snapchat. The app is popular with teens, and it’s important to keep them safe online. The new features will make it more difficult for strangers to contact teens on the app and will give parents more peace of mind knowing that their kids are safe.