SoundHound and White Castle Commit to Expand Successful Drive-Thru AI Partners

White Castle and SoundHound have announced their commitment to expanding their successful drive-thru AI partnership. In the first phase of the partnership, SoundHound’s technology powered voice AI ordering technology at select White Castle drive-thrus. Now, the companies plan to roll out this technology to over 100 White Castle drive-thrus by the end of 2024.

Benefits of the AI-powered drive-thru include faster and more convenient ordering for customers. The technology will allow customers to place their orders using their voice, making the process faster and more convenient.

White Castle is continuing its investment in AI-fueled technology, and the expansion of its partnership with SoundHound is a testament to the success of the initial phase of the partnership. Together, White Castle and SoundHound are uniting great food and great technology to give quick service restaurant customers the most advanced ordering experience possible.

This new agreement between the two companies will grow that coverage to over 100 of White Castle’s US drive-thru lanes by the end of 2024. Many of the locations will be in the Midwest and Northeast, where White Castle has a strong presence.

White Castle is expanding its use of drive-thru AI, and the company plans to add the artificial intelligence technology from SoundHound to 100 locations by the end of next year. This expansion is a testament to the success of the initial phase of the partnership.

The partnership between White Castle and SoundHound is a great example of how AI technology can be used to improve the customer experience. By using voice AI ordering technology, White Castle is able to provide faster and more convenient service to its customers.