Spill Open Beta: A New Social Platform for Diversity and Multimedia

Spill, a microblogging platform founded by ex-Twitter employees, has opened its beta to all users on iOS and Android, marking a year since the app’s inception. With around 200,000 users and $5 million in pre-seed funding, Spill aims to create a healthy ecosystem prioritizing diversity from the start. Unlike X, the platform is not focused on alienating users with exclusive access to certain features.

Spill’s platform is a blend of Twitter and Tumblr, featuring multimedia-driven microblogging. Users can follow people and scroll through their feeds, similar to Twitter, but with more emphasis on visual content and creativity. The app has introduced features like “Tea Party,” which allows for live audio or video conversations, attracting notable personalities like actress Kerry Washington for events.

Spill’s founders, who met while working at Twitter, are building a platform that prioritizes diversity from the get-go. By starting with diverse culture drivers like Black, brown, and marginalized individuals, Spill aims to create a more inclusive and diverse arts scene.

Spill’s creators, disillusioned by the direction of Twitter, envisioned a platform that champions genuine connection and meaningful conversation. Forget endless algorithmically-curated feeds and the pressure of performative perfection. Spill prioritizes chronological timelines, fostering organic conversation through features like threaded replies and disappearing content options.

Spill has grown significantly since its inception, with CEO Alphonzo Terrell reporting a one-year anniversary user base of around 200,000. Although it may not be growing as quickly as other Twitter competitors like Bluesky, Mastodon, or Threads, Terrell is not concerned. With a focus on community and partnerships, Spill is poised to make a positive impact on the social media landscape.