Spotify AI Playlists: Curating Your Music with Just a Prompt

Spotify is testing a new AI-powered feature that lets users create playlists based on simple prompts. This exciting development, spotted by a TikTok user, could revolutionize music discovery and personalization on the platform.

To access this feature, simply tap the “+” button in your library and select “AI Playlist.” Then, provide the AI with a prompt, like “upbeat workout anthems” or “relaxing jazz for studying.” The AI will then curate a playlist tailored to your specific request, leveraging its vast musical knowledge and understanding of user preferences.

This isn’t just a gimmick; it’s part of Spotify’s broader investment in AI. The company has been actively incorporating AI across its platform, from personalized recommendations to song creation tools. The AI playlist feature is a natural extension of these efforts, aiming to provide users with an even more intuitive and effortless way to discover new music they’ll love.

While still in testing, the potential of this feature is undeniable. Imagine effortlessly creating playlists for any mood, activity, or even life event. No more spending hours searching for the perfect song; simply tell the AI what you’re looking for and let it do the legwork.

Of course, there are potential drawbacks to consider. AI-curated playlists might lack the human touch and serendipitous discoveries that come from manual browsing. Additionally, concerns about algorithmic bias and echo chambers could arise.

However, Spotify’s AI playlist feature has the potential to be a game-changer for music discovery. By leveraging the power of AI, Spotify can offer users a more personalized and convenient way to experience music, ultimately deepening their engagement with the platform.