Telegram Introduces 11 New Features to Enhance Messaging Experience

Telegram has rolled out 11 new features in its latest update, aiming to enhance the messaging experience for its over 800 million monthly active users. The new features include a more seamless exploration of ‘Similar Channels,’ as well as improving stories with advanced features such as ‘Reposting Stories’ and beyond.

The ‘Similar Channels’ feature simplifies channel discovery by providing users access to a list of similar public channels upon joining a channel. This feature is driven by automatic selection based on similarities in subscriber bases, making it easier for users to find content aligned with their interests.

Another notable feature is ‘Reposting Stories,’ which empowers users to amplify the reach of stories from friends and favorite channels with just two taps. The option to add extra content such as text, audio, or video comments enhances the storytelling experience. Reposting is restricted to stories.

In addition to these, Telegram has introduced several other features, including voice transcription, the ability to boost the audience of loved ones or favorite channels by reposting their stories to your own page, and a performance statistics view that displays story views, shares, and reactions for channels that can post stories.

Telegram’s commitment to innovation is evident in these feature-rich updates, paving the way for a messaging experience that is both dynamic and personalized. Users can gradually delve into these enhancements, ensuring a seamless transition into the next phase of Telegram’s evolution. Each message comes with a little video and a short blurb showcasing the new feature, making it easy for users to stay updated.