Telegram’s Latest Update: Streamlined Calls, Smoother Animations, and More

Telegram has released a new update that includes a redesigned call interface, new animations, and enhancements to the app’s bot platform. The new call interface uses fewer resources, saving battery life and working better on older devices. The update also brings dynamic backgrounds that change based on the call’s status, such as ringing, active, or ended. Telegram plans to launch more improvements to connection and audio quality in 2024.

The update also includes a new animation effect called the “Thanos Snap Effect,” which vaporizes deleted messages into a million pixels. Additionally, Telegram has launched Bot API 7.0, the largest update to the Bot Platform in Telegram’s history. This includes introducing full reaction support for bots, Replies 2.0, Link Preview Customization, batch actions that allow bots to delete multiple messages in a single request, giveaway support, and more.

Telegram’s bot platform lets developers integrate services into the Telegram ecosystem. Bots can now react to messages and manage reactions, quotes, and links, send replies to other chats or topics, and more. Bots can also get information about giveaways and boosts in channels where they are admins.

Telegram’s latest update is expected to enhance user experience and improve the app’s functionality. The new features are bundled along with the app version 10.5.0 and are available for both iOS and Android devices.

Telegram’s latest update is a significant step towards improving the app’s functionality and user experience. The new call interface and dynamic backgrounds are expected to save battery life and work better on older devices. The new animation effect and Bot API 7.0 are also significant updates that will enhance the app’s functionality and versatility.