Threads Rolls Out New Features for Polls, GIFs, and More

Meta’s Threads app has added new features that allow users to post polls and GIFs. The new features are similar to those found on rival platform X, and are part of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg‘s recent push to improve the app. The polls feature works similarly to polls posted on Instagram Stories, but with the addition that the app will send a notification to users who voted when the poll ends. The GIFs and polls options follow several other recent additions to Threads, including a web-based version of the app, an edit button, profile switching, likes, a chronological feed, and more.

The latest Threads update adds the ability to create polls with up to four options. Friends can vote and see live results right in the chat. Users can now also search for and send GIFs to illustrate reactions. Additionally, Threads introduces auto-status updates like “on the move” and “listening to…” that passively share activities with friends.

While Threads has its origins in Instagram, it aims to be a standalone messaging platform in its own right. The added capabilities bring it more in line with chat apps like WhatsApp and Messenger. Playful polls and GIFs make conversations more dynamic. Auto-status updates reduce the need to actively send texts just to share what you’re up to.

Together, these new Threads features reinvent what a social messaging experience can be. They transform simple text chats into vivid, visual conversations with passive status sharing in the background. As Threads expands its capabilities, it further differentiates itself from Instagram while retaining connection across both platforms.