TikTok Expands In-App Ticketmaster Ticketing Feature to 20 More Countries

TikTok has expanded its in-app ticketing feature, a collaboration with Ticketmaster, to users in 20 countries. This feature allows artists to include Ticketmaster event links in their TikTok videos, making it easy for followers to click and buy tickets within the app. The expansion follows successful tests in the U.S., and the partnership aims to revolutionize live events and provide more opportunities for artists to connect with their fans.

The feature is now available to certified artists in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Germany, France, Canada, Mexico, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, and Sweden. Michael Kümmerle, TikTok’s Global Music Partnership Development Lead, stated that the partnership enables fans to buy tickets directly through TikTok, giving artists the opportunity to reach ticket buyers in a whole new way and change the game for live events around the world.

Artists on TikTok in these countries can utilize the Ticketmaster ticketing feature to promote their live dates and connect with fans. By adding their Ticketmaster event links to their videos before publishing, artists can effectively reach a wider audience and drive ticket sales.

The initial US tests of the feature have been successful, attracting over 2.5 billion views since the beta launch last August. While the number of views resulting in a ticket sale is not disclosed, the expansion to more countries indicates a strong commitment by TikTok to become a significant presence within the music industry.

The expansion of the Ticketmaster ticketing feature highlights TikTok’s ongoing commitment to providing an immersive entertainment experience for its users. By integrating convenient ticketing options, TikTok further solidifies its position as a one-stop platform for discovering and engaging with entertainment.