TikTok Plans to Ban Links to Outside E-Commerce Sites, Including Amazon

TikTok is reportedly planning to ban links to outside e-commerce sites, such as Amazon. The move is seen as a way for the company to force people to use TikTok Shop, its own in-app shopping platform.

The report, which was first published by The Information, says that TikTok is still finalizing the details of the ban, but it could be implemented as early as next month. The ban would apply to both individual creators and businesses.

TikTok Shop is a relatively new feature that allows users to shop for products directly from the app. The company has been investing heavily in TikTok Shop in recent months, and it is seen as a key part of the company’s strategy to become a major player in the e-commerce market.

The ban on links to outside e-commerce sites is likely to be controversial. Some people argue that it will stifle competition and give TikTok an unfair advantage. Others argue that it is necessary to protect users from fraudulent or misleading products.

While TikTok’s reported plan to ban links to outside e-commerce sites like Amazon is not yet confirmed, it has generated significant attention and speculation within the industry. If implemented, this ban could reshape the way e-commerce operates on the platform and potentially impact businesses that rely on TikTok for sales and visibility.