Tumblr Discontinues Post+ Subscription Feature Amid Downsizing Efforts

Tumblr has announced the discontinuation of its Post+ subscription feature, which allowed creators to charge users for accessing their content. The decision comes into effect on December 1, 2023, and will affect both creators and users.

The move to discontinue Post+ is part of Tumblr’s downsizing efforts, following a leaked memo revealing the platform’s plans to focus on its core functionality. Matt Mullenweg, the CEO of Tumblr’s parent company Automattic, stated that the company aims to prioritize the essential features of Tumblr moving forward.

While Post+ will no longer be available, Tumblr has indicated that tipping will remain intact. However, the platform’s sponsored post feature, Blaze, is also being reevaluated due to its resource-intensive nature. Existing Post+ content will be accessible until the end of the year but will be marked as private starting in January 2024. Additionally, creators will not be able to create new Post Plus content.

The discontinuation of Post Plus comes after the feature “didn’t land as we’d hoped,” according to Tumblr. The decision was made after considering feedback and usage. The move to discontinue Post Plus aligns with the platform’s plans to downsize after struggling to meet usage and revenue targets. The company aims to focus on the “core functionality” of Tumblr moving forward.

The discontinuation of Post Plus on Tumblr reflects the platform’s efforts to streamline its features and prioritize essential functionalities. This decision has implications for creators and users, raising questions about the future monetization options on the platform. As Post Plus is phased out, creators will need to explore alternative methods to monetize their content on Tumblr.