Twitch Introduces Anti-Harassment Features to Block Banned Users from Watching Streams

Twitch has added new anti-harassment features to stop banned users from watching streams. The features, which were announced in August and rolled out in October 2023, include:

  • The ability to block banned users from viewing streams: Streamers can now toggle on a setting in their Creator Dashboard to prevent banned users from watching their streams. This will help to prevent banned users from harassing streamers and viewers alike.
  • Improved ban evasion detection: Twitch has also improved its ban evasion detection system to make it more difficult for banned users to create new accounts and continue harassing streamers and viewers.

These new features are a welcome move for streamers and viewers alike. Harassment is a serious problem on Twitch, and these new features will help to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone.

In addition to the new features, Twitch has also been working to educate streamers and viewers about harassment and how to report it. The company has also created a number of resources for streamers on how to moderate their chats and protect themselves from harassment.

Twitch’s new anti-harassment features are a step in the right direction, but there is still more work to be done. The company needs to continue to invest in new tools and resources to combat harassment, and it needs to work with streamers and viewers to create a more welcoming environment for everyone.

Twitch’s new anti-harassment features are a sign that the company is taking the issue seriously and is committed to creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone. The new feature is a step forward for Twitch and the streaming industry, as it provides streamers with a new way to address harassment and create a safer environment for their viewers.