Video App Details Debuts Multi-Camera Recording for DIY Podcasts Using iPhones

Video production app Details has released a new feature that enables users to record multi-camera podcasts with just iPhones, bypassing the need for expensive, complex podcasting equipment.

The app’s Multi-Camera feature allows podcast hosts to connect multiple iPhones together over WiFi or cellular to film different angles and shot types. Up to four iOS camera feeds can be captured simultaneously along with high-quality audio through Details’ recording tools optimized for voices.

Hosts can switch between camera views and audio sources in real-time or during post-production editing within Details. Completed videos are shareable on social media and podcast platforms.

While podcasting has boomed, amateur shows often sound like echoey single-mic recordings. Details’ multi-cam solution approximates professional setups without the steep learning curve.

Creators can use old iPhones as extra cameras for dynamic shot compositions impossible with single-device recording or webcams. The launch positions Details as an accessible alternative to pricey hardware podcast rigs that can cost thousands of dollars to build and operate.

Details, known for viral music videos created with its app, continues to push into broader video creation like podcasts and online talk shows. The company aims to democratize Hollywood-grade production for mobile creators without professional equipment or teams.

As podcasting expands across social media, Multi-Camera represents the next evolution toward video-first show formats optimized for today’s viewing habits. Expect more podcasters to embrace high-quality video recordings using affordable mobile solutions from apps like Details. The days of audio-only shows may be numbered.

With its focus on multi-camera recording, Details is staking an early claim as a leading platform for social video podcast creation. Competitors like Snapchat and TikTok have yet to unveil robust, dedicated podcast tools tailored for amateur presenters.