Zomato Launches AI Chatbot to Make Food Ordering Easier

Zomato, the restaurant aggregator and food delivery platform, has launched an AI chatbot to enhance the food ordering experience for its users. The chatbot, called Zomato AI, can help users find restaurants, browse menus, place orders, and track their deliveries.

Zomato AI is powered by a large language model, which allows it to understand natural language queries. This means that users can simply type or speak their requests to the chatbot, without having to learn any special commands.

For example, a user can ask Zomato AI to “find me a restaurant near me that delivers” or “show me the menu for [restaurant name]”. The chatbot will then respond with relevant results. Zomato’s move to launch its AI chatbot comes after India’s online food ordering and delivery platform Swiggy announced plans to launch its AI-based neural search feature for food ordering.

Zomato AI can also help users place orders. Once a user has found a restaurant and selected their meal, they can simply ask the chatbot to “place my order”. The chatbot will then take care of the rest, including paying for the meal and arranging for delivery.

Zomato AI is expected to enhance the food ordering experience for Gold Members and provide a seamless customer experience. The chatbot’s ability to respond to queries in real-time and its use of in-house developed technology make it a powerful tool for Zomato’s business.